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New 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit Computer Games! Pre-Order Today!


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Just do us 5200 owners a small favor and please come out with a limited (re) supply of Redemption 5200 adapters so I can get a pair for 2600/Sega sticks and one more for 7800 controllers so I (and I'm sure many others) can use sticks other than just the CX52 units, in case we want to switch it up every once in a while, thanks.

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7 minutes ago, bradhig1 said:

My order of Zookeeper and  Hugohunt never came.  Tracking says it was delivered in/at maibox on July 10 but I have not seen it.


It's order #26531

I have verified that the address printed on the shipping label is the same as was specified in the order for the shipping address.  I suggest going to your post office with the tracking number and asking them about it.  They should be able to talk to the carrier to see if they remember delivering it, although it's now been almost three weeks since that delivery date.  The package has not come back here. 


We can handle this privately, so please send me a message or email, thank you.



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