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FujiNet Update Flasher Problem

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17 hours ago, tschak909 said:

What SD card are you using ?



Until yesterday I didn't use a SD card with this Fujinet modul.  Then I took a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB FAT formatted that I used in another Fujinet modul.  It made no difference.  The Atari won't boot this modul and the log showed just all action like version and "Startet @4" but any boot action was mentioned.


Could a SD card cause such misoperation and inhibit booting?


Unfortunately I didn't record a debug log.  I added the config file here.  It seems to me it's all right


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It's important that any SD card that you use with FujiNet be formatted with FAT32 (and not ExFAT or any other filesystem).


If an SD card is present, the configuration will be stored on the SD card, as well as any printer output.

I suspect you're really misunderstanding how the storage devices in FujiNet work. The Atari doesn't BOOT the SD card. If you put disk images on it, you can mount them in CONFIG (by naming one of the host slots SD).




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To write FAT was a typo.  The card is FAT32 formattet.  Sure I'm aware that the SD itself isn't booted but the Fujinet config. 


My main questions is still, why didn't the Fujinet boot any more to the config menu after flashing without "showing logs" and what is to do to get this function back?


A bunch of Fujinet's work proper after flashig but this single one do not boot up to config any more.  And it did before.  It looks like they are just the same charge of hardware version 1.5.


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