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I just recieved my SIO2PC-USB interface device from Amiga On The Lake and want to go look for the proper software to use.  Where can I get the official ReseQT software or APE software?  Which is better and what are differences?  I can do a search and read threads but I keep on coming up with Github pages with weird directories which throws me off.  I hope I will enjoy this device on my 800XL.

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Unless you purchased your SIO2PC from AtariMax, I think you're pretty much limited to RespeQt. APE is written and sold by AtariMax for use on their interfaces. I've heard of others getting APE to run with other SIO2PC devices and homemade SIO2PC cables, but I've never had any luck getting my APE to work with anything other than my AtariMax SIO2PC-USB Dual Port interface. That being said, APE is also commercial software, and you'd need to purchase a license to get full use out of it. RespeQt is free.


I've used APE and ProSystem for a number of years and have always been thoroughly impressed with it. I've used RespeQt as well. While I prefer APE, I think it's mainly because I've used it for longer and it's what I'm used to. The times that I've used RespeQt, I've found it to be very capable and easy to use. I know you can use APE to emulate a number of Atari peripherals, including a modem and a printer. I believe RespeQt may offer similar emulation or may be working on it, but I'm not certain. One area of difference is that APE is pretty much a mature application, and I'm not certain Steven is still doing much development on it, so I'm not sure how much more we can expect to see in the future. RespeQt is still being actively developed and improved upon and, last but not least, it's free.


I think AtariAge is the main repository for RespeQt. Always look for an update thread here. I think this is the most recent one.


RespeQt 5.2 and new Repository

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