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[LynxMas 2020] Saving Santa Tree


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LynxMas 2020 is the Christmas Game Jam helded by AtariAge, AtariGamer, SillyVision and eJagfest this year.

You can find more details here :



I have just submitted my game for the contest.

You can find it here :

Saving Santa Tree - LynxMas 2020 by Fadest (itch.io)


This is a small platformer, with a bit of inspiration from games like JetPac, Bubble Bobble,...


There are 10 levels, each one can randomly some platform iced, so each game is different from the other.


How to play :

The Leprechaum have stolen the Santa tree's orments. 

In order to get them back, you have to send each Leprechaum a gift (I men, send it physically in his face). So he will be pleased and fly away with the gift and left the ornment. Just pick it and bring it to Santa Tree.

Once each 6 ornment have been put in place, the level is over.



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