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[LynXmas 2020] Santa Factory


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This is my entry for the LynXmas 2020 Game Jam organized by Atari Gamer, in conjunction with AtariAgeejagfest and Sillyventure.


The game can be downloaded here for free. Full sources will be on my Github page in few days (I'll post about it when they will be uploaded).


Santa Factory is the legendary workshop where Santa Claus is said to make the toys and presents given out at Christmas. December is a busy month in this factory, elves have to pack all the presents before the eve night.

In this game you play as an elf controlling a packing line. You have a list of wishes and you have to combine the desired toys according to it. You are allowed to make some wrong packs (after all "do not look a gift horse in the mouth"), but too many mistakes and Xmas could be ruined.


In the Puzzle mode you have a list of presents for every day of December from 8th to 24th and you have to pack them in a limited amount of time.


In the Arcade mode you play in the last minutes before the eve night and have to pack as many gifts as you can without mistakes. There is a time limit, but at every good pack you make Santa gives you some more time with his magic.


Musics are derived from some free (Cretive Commons Licence) tunes on the Mod archive and converted to the ABC Music format.


Direction PAD: move
A: Pack selected gifts
B: Change gift selector orientation (horizontal/vertical)
Pause: Pause the game
Pause+ALT1: Reset the game and back to menu


Music can't be stopped. That annoying music during the game is itended to stress you and make you fail.


Flipping the screen is disabled because this game will be part of a phisical release with the other games of the Jam and there wans't specifications about it's use. It could be added on request.


For the same reason there is no Eeprom save. You have to finish the game in a single time, like in the oldies goldies Lynx game.


Now some screenshots:


sf01.png.a251fffef06e2c7ff1942367c294a3e4.png sf02.png.33972098caea0c70ace2d54cef855342.png


sf03.png.4b044f28aaef6dcc6a478d47253d4125.png sf04.png.997bd036344c795d372cf27eb1f139fc.png




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I tried first levels of puzzle mode this morning, I like what I saw.

My only problem is that I only think in vertical direction, I tend to forget I can switch in horizontal.

Also, in my first game, I did not realize you have to make the command in the good order, but that make sense.


I definitively need to spend more time on this one.


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31 minutes ago, Fadest said:

you have to make the command in the good order

If you mean the order of the packs listed in the top right of the screen, yes the order is important. Maybe I should add a blinking underline under the combination to pack. The order of the toys in the pack is not relevant.


Making packs in vertical is very difficoult (but it's the only way to solve some levels). Vertical direction is used mostly to switch the tiles.


I forgot to mention in the instructions that when the selector is in the vertical position you can swap the middle toy with the upper toy pressing UP, and you can swap the middle toy with the lower one pressing DOWN.


Who followed the jam thread should know, but the others could find the game impossible without knowing this.

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