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IMPORTANT: Read Before Posting!


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In response to ongoing bad behavior by a few individuals, Albert recently posted the following warning:


23 hours ago, Albert said:

If you don't have anything positive to contribute to this thread and only want to be negative and overly critical without making a reasonable effort to defend your position, please find another thread to post in.  Calling other members "stupid" or other names for their opinions will also get you booted instantly from this thread.


This warning applies equally to all threads here in the Atari VCS subforum.  There is nothing wrong with objectively and dispassionately stating a critical opinion, but those who are tempted to come here only to heap negativity and ridicule on a console that they have never used and claim to have no interest in buying, or to mock its backers or supporters, need to find something better to do to amuse themselves.  Anyone who engages in trolling in any of the threads in this subforum—and that includes everything ranging from outright ridicule to mocking memes to snide, subtle little digs—will be immediately banned from the thread(s) in question without further warning.  If such trolling continues, said user will be banned from the Atari VCS subforum, or potentially from the entire forum.

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