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The New VCS Unboxing Thread


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Although I don't understand the fascination with unboxing videos, usually, this one did matter to me!
I'd love to see some more views and feedback from people who received their units.

This wasn't the first video to show the VCS, these were the first to show the much-loved, unboxing.
They also show the first boot-up, and update.

Obviously, he does not do unboxing videos as a YouTube thing. He just did this to share with backers.


 This isn't quite unboxing, but it's also from Legocar, and it follows on. ?

Then first boot-up...

Then the 2nd part shows it after update, and the first use of the menu etc.. Interesting!


Since he got his machine several more games were added to the shop, but this was day#1.

* I am not connected to the Atari company in any way.

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Over the last year(s) there were enough old guys on YouTube creating videos hating the VCS.
Not everybody feels that way! Some people forgot how it is to be young, and excited again. ?
I'm not too old to smile, and be optimistic. It's more fun.

What we need is some youth and enthusiasm for the new Atari VCS, like my kids, and yours?
That's the future! No matter if they're inspired by a VCS in 2020, or an Amico in 2021 or WHY.

Likewise with the German Mine Bothers, whose video I posted before.





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I just got mine - Collectors Edition #2951! Photos to follow. I'm so happy! 
I love the packaging, eco-friendly too, and great build quality in my hand. I had a "clover" power cable from my Dell laptop ready, for the PSU,
so no need for a USA->NL plug adapter, and it's up and running. My 1st boot was to Ubuntu to check it was OK, do some diagnostics, back-up.
(I booted Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, from a USB3 thumb drive, and used a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard+mouse. Plug and play. No problems.)
Now it's updating. ? I used a Mocute bluetooth gamepad (instantly synced) to get past the controller request, and no glitches so far. ?
Photos to follow.
* Edit: to clarify - above, I meant, I booted off a USB stick "thumb drive" into Ubuntu, just to check out the system before I started it up.
The system itself does not use Ubuntu, but it's Linux based. It will run Windows 10 easily, but for my purposes I chose Ubuntu this time.

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Nintendo Dads has a new unboxing video for the VCS - well far more than unboxing, really.
It seems he knew nothing much about his purchase before he unboxes and sets it up, so it
shows what needs to be better explained before the units go to retail. Part #2 is to follow.


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