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so far i visually am having trouble w/ it all but i  aboustely have it loaded up and i do recknoize the efforts you put in.  i cant seem to see the bullets of the gun or when to shoot or really anything  much- light sixer here- and yes its way better than the stella.....but can you plz help me play it better,

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 Oh, I better post some better directions for those who haven't played NeXion.


 up - walk in the direction you are facing

 back - walk backwards

 Left and right - rotate (change direction) 

fire button+ down to shoot

fire button+ Left or right to walk sideways



  top of screen is the compass - it will blink in the direction you are facing (N-S-E-W)


   bottom of screen is the map - your position is indicated by the white square.


   When you kill enough Xenos, a skull will drop on the level. it will blink on the map when you get near. touch it a press fire button to pick it up

   It will allow you to exit to the next level.....when you find the door


   middle of screen is the 3d view. shoot xenos when they are in front of you. 


  Xenomorphs make a lot of noise when they see you. If you hear them. change directions because it's headed for you!

  They like to hunt in packs!



Xenos spawn in the 4 corners of the level.

    They will respawn there also, so don't try to make a last stand in those areas!

   If you a getting eaten alive by a pack of aliens, run backwards

  Best hint is to find the door on each level 1st.


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