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This thing, confuses me, so much...


When I first saw the trailer, I thought "oh, it's an air fryer", and that made some sense. Then it started flashing specs & I'm like, it's a PC?! But the comments insist it's an actual console & I have no idea if they're just speculating or if I missed something!


And of course, this is ignoring the whole 'is it even safe to keep frickin' CHICKEN in your gaming box?!' Wouldn't crumbs & oil be an issue?


I just don't get it!

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Okay, reality check... is there any end here where this is not either A) a joke that goes too far or B) an absolutely terrible idea?


If investors of any kind are willing to throw money at this, that's the best argument for socialism there will ever be.

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I'm eagerly awaiting to know the final price of said console.

I am afraid the F in KFC could take on a new meaning.



Note: I can totally see myself playing on it, grab a piece of smoking hot grease laden chicken, eat it, and then leave oil marks pretty much everywhere on the joypad, base, etc.... what's not to like?

I am bummed that the chicken will not stay hot unless some heavy hitter game is being played but ... hey ... when all else fail and if I get mad at said heavy hitter games I can see sliding a wiener in that grilling oven ... mission accomplished ... gene pool terminated.

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The thought of a KFC console disturbs me so much that I don't even want to click on links to read about it.  Maybe this is the universe telling me to get the fuck away from video games for the rest of my life?


I saw there's also a KFC movie out (or coming out) too?  I already boycott KFC and all this bullshit needs to stay as far away from me as possible.  What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

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Seems like every company is on the verge of placing branded high-powered hardware into your home.


Anyhow, this is basically an Intel NUC in a tub-shaped case that reroutes hot air (from the corporate boardroom & bedroom) over a tiny tray that holds 2 pieces of chicken. Totally unpractical of course. Piping hot fresh chicken? I don't think so. More like dried stagnant fast-food crap.


Every time you power this up it's gonna send chicken gas throughout the room. And what happens if you forget about it? Will it attract bugs?


But people will buy it because it's weird.

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If it is inexpensive but has a lot of power then I would think that people would buy it but I think a lot of them would end up getting modded in some way to make it into a more traditional looking console. However, it has been pointed out that the chicken warmer concept is a good way of dealing with the excess heat - perhaps using it for more that just chicken, like popcorn (also already suggested). If modded right you could use it for scented wax and at least make your work area smell nice.

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