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I have a question about my modded Wii U


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... but I don't want myself or anyone else to break any rules.


Here's my question - I have a Wii U. I use Wii U USB Helper and WUP Installer GX to install from SD onto a USB drive. I installed an application that gives me an error when running it:

"Use of this feature requires a linked Nintendo Network ID."


Is there a way around this or is it unplayable? Are a lot of titles affected like this?


If the answer borders on "grey area" please PM so we both don't get in trouble. :) Thanks!


* Yes I know I can direct transfer BUT I use SD to USB because so many people use my network in the house. The one time I tried to transfer directly to the Wii U on my network I lagged out 3 people's online games.

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I suspect you might have a situation where you’d need two installations - one with launch firmware and one to boot homebrew. That way if it requires a NNID you could flip over. Beyond that I have no advice as this is something I’ve never tried, although Modern Vintage Gamer has a nice video about using a Wii U for emulators and homebrew. 

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