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Sega CD Model 1 Issues


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For the first time in 5 or so years I decided to use my Sega CD Model 1 with Sega Genesis Model 1. Take a look at these pictures. Upon boot I hear and sort of see the moving logo, but many graphical artifacts in the window only. I can hear the Sega CD menu music, but the Sega CD will freeze if I go into the music player, no graphical glitches though. If I insert a game, I get the moving Sonic Sega Logo and chime, but will not load the game. Could this be symptoms of a needed capacitor replacement? If so, do you recommend anyone who does this type of work (I'm in the US)?





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Thank you for that. Yes, my unit behaves exactly as the video shows between the 26 - 49 seconds mark. I'm in contact at this point with a seller on eBay who will do a complete refurb / recap of my Sega CD model 1. I just messaged him with a link to the video and the solution described in it, in case he needs it.

I don't need a 32x attached to the Sega CD for the issue to appear, and I also tried multiple Genesis consoles, with no change.

One thing I do notice when using a 32x though, is that the sound coming out of the TV is not as "clean" when using the Genesis with the 32x attached and plugged in. There is a noticeable "buzz" coming through my speakers when any message appears, for example the Genesis Start up message or the message that might appear at the beginning of a game, example Paprium's message after boot saying the game is not endorsed by Sega (or whatever it says). I've tried it with 2 Sega 32x units and they both behave the same way. If the 32x is removed from the equation all audio interference is gone. Be aware, I'm testing these 32x units on a properly working Sega CD model 2, not the faulty model 1. Something appears to be causing audio interference with the 32x attached, and replacement cables isn't fixing the issue. I wonder if it's because I'm playing through scart? 

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The video I linked to was my own and was an issue I was running into with my Model 1 SegaCD. I had already done a recap etc. on everything and only the VRs on the Genesis itself hadn't been replaced until a little after that point. My guess is that the model 1 SegaCD draws a lot of power from the system and even though I believe it has its own regulation for power, it starts to stress the Genesis too much and causes some power/current loss to the rest of the system. The ODD thing and I mention this in the video description, is that ONLY sega CD games with FMV were showing this graphic issue on the screen. You can see it in the BIOS screen as I have in the video, but it would also happen inside the small window of the FMV during Sonic CD as well. But the border and actual game graphics were fine. But yes, once I replaced the VRs in the Genesis itself, this issue went away, and I've been told by no less than three others having similar, that replacing out their VRs in the genesis with higher output variants also corrected the issue for them.


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