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Nes rgb modded video shaky

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Merry Christmas. 

ok so i have a rgb modded nintendo. I bought it off ebay months ago, and just recently got around to testing it. 

so i have a couple of issues. 

but for now, ill just describe one of my issues. After fooling around a little, pressing reset and inserting and taking out the cart. I got the cart to start. 

but the video is shaky. Its not stable. Once it was stable then i hit reset and then the video got shaky? 

i say shaky but this isnt the top jitter ive read about. But the video will slightly move back and forth? 

my nintendo is rgb modded. I did notice that the connection on the back of my nes is a little loose. 

i can take a video if that would help. 

Im using a ikegami TM20-80R color rgb monitor. And im pretty sure its not the monitor. I have a sega genesis that isnt working with rgb


just wondered if anyone had any ideas about what could be causing this? 

is it possible its my scart cable? I use a different one for my sega? 

i have two scart cables that plug into one another? Like i said earlier. When i initially got the cart to start the video was stable. But then after hitting reset or changing carts it was initially stable? 

again any help would be appreciated

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