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XBox HDMI makemhz.com/ site down?


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I had a ship date a while back fror the https://makemhz.com/ HDMI mod kit for the OG Xbox. That never arrived. Shipping delays were explained, and Bob from RetroRGB had some decent thoughts about not assuming a scam, and that shipping delays do occur.  I know a lot of people here have youtube channels, so I hope people get the news to Bob, and the many in the community:


https://makemhz.com/   looks to have the site down, and now I am getting nervous about my order.  Sign In or Contact Support links lead to... shopify? Please, if anyone has concrete info beyond speculation, I hope this will get discussed for those with pending orders.  Just wanted to get this odd anomaly out there.

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...Just checked and the site seems to be back up now so that's good. Seems it had been down for a bit. Now there are issues with board revision 1.0 though? I have that and a 1.6 board. We will see if mine arrives and I will still give makemhz the benefit of the doubt.  I am wondering though if an external solution would have been 'good enough' when using on a flat panel.

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I have asked to do this and test it for a few clients, but hadn't pulled the trigger as yet. For me I'm just using an s-video cable from my OG Xbox to my Extron and then into the OSSC. But if I were to want higher def, I would likely just get one of the component cables and run that to my Extron for at least 720P stuff as I'm sure that would be good enough in most instances for me.



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