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Real 16KB RAM game compo from Sikor Soft


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I updated your creation batch file to handle 20 disks, it still has the copyright info and other information intact, the dir2atr file has been updated , no longer do you have to adjust the size of the filename to be under 32 chars, that new dir2atr does it automatically. 100 is now the number to type in to exit the program, and it only does High speed disks, I will make another batch file to do normal disks. Russ Campbell.


Atari 8 Bit HD Adapted Games and Demos.zip

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Do you like the "Ludo Game?" Now you'll be able to play a similar game on any eight-bit Atari equipped with 16KB of RAM (or more), alone, or with friends (up to four people).
The game was created for my contest, unfortunately only one game was made. The game was released in a low-budget version (on a cartridge), for 33 EU / US $40 plus shipping. At the same time with the release will be available ATR version (free). The author of the game is PPS - thanks for his work. I hope that if there will be another edition - there will be more games on 16KB.
Pictures of the release soon, the game itself will be available to order from Monday.


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Thanks Sikor, for releasing the game on cartridge. Creating the game was a lot of fun for me.

My children and I had a lot of fun playing it - so I hope you all will have fun, too.


I have tested the game on several configurations. It should run on all A8 with at least 16kB - yes even the 400 with stock OS should run this game fine.

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I don't understand... are we supposed to sign up for it here?

There may be other considerations with the holidays being so expensive this year...

The pandemic handling hasn't been kind to shipping and other things either... prices for many things are through the roof so many people don't have fun money let alone discretionary spending mone... it's not they no one wants this... it's that no one has the ability to do so when everything is up 10 to 25 percent in cost at least here in the United States... though I'm told it's been tough other places as well.


I certain that as soon as folks have a little jingle jangle in their pockets they'll come back to buying again.

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5 hours ago, Sikor said:

So, nobody wants cartridge release? Pity...


Sikor, this is a topic for a 16k RAM game compo.


Please start a new topic with a theme like "Pre-order for Runfast [16k RAM] cartridge" (or something similar) and I am quite sure the orders will pop in.


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