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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2021 (Season 14)


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I missed last week but I didn't play as much as I usually do this week so combining them doesn't really skew my totals much except maybe how consecutive things could have been.


Diablo: Hellfire for PC - 430 minutes

Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy - 155 minutes


Diablo: Hellfire has been completed. That was interesting seeing the two extra dungeons for the first time. My favorite part was being able to walk faster in town. That took up so much of my time in the original version.


In Pokemon Red Version I am currently working on leveling up Jigglypuff until it knows all the moves I want before I evolve it.

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Here's the summary for Week 37, running from Sept 13 - 19. We logged 3284 minutes of eligible play, playing 55 games on a total of 20 systems.


Top 10:


1. Diablo: Hellfire (PC (Windows 95/98)) - 430 min.
2. Chrono Trigger (SNES) - 360 min.
3. Commander Keen (Game Boy Color) - 210 min.
4. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 183 min. (#2)
5. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 160 min. (#9)
6. Pokemon Red Version (Game Boy) - 155 min.
7. Super Mario RPG (SNES) - 120 min.
7. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES) - 120 min.
9. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 100 min.
10. Volley Fire (Game Boy) - 75 min.


Pre-NES top 10:


1. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 183 min. (PN#1)
2. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 160 min. (PN#3)
3. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 100 min.
4. Fireball (Atari 2600) - 70 min.
5. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 66 min. (PN#2)
6. M.U.L.E. (Atari 8-bit) - 65 min.
7. Hunchy II (Atari 2600) - 45 min. (PN#10)
7. Sea Duel (Microvision) - 45 min.
9. RealSports Tennis (Atari 5200) - 43 min.
10. Jr. Pac-Man (Arcade) - 32 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. SNES (685)
2. Atari 2600 (535) (#1)
3. PC (Windows 95/98) (454) (#2)
4. NES/Famicom (275) (#7)
5. Game Boy (230)
6. Game Boy Color (210)
7. Arcade (163)
8. Atari 7800 (100)
9. Microvision (85)
9. Game.com (85)


Diablo: Hellfire (Windows 95/98) and Chrono Trigger (SNES) head the overall top list. If it wasn't for Diablo, the top list would've been completely dominated by Nintendo and Atari. The pre-NES list is definitely dominated by Atari and headed by the two quite similar paddle games Eggomania and Kaboom! Sea Duel on the Microvision makes a rare visit which pays off on the systems list, featuring several systems not in the top 10 last week, including SNES at #1.


Two new games in the 1000 Minute Club:


#457 Diablo: Hellfire (PC Windows 95/98) - 1044 min. (the 8th Windows game)

#458 Chrono Trigger (SNES) - 1245 min. (the 18th SNES game)

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I feel pretty tired and I may go to sleep early, so I will post earlier than usual and edit or something later if needed. Lots of arcade games this time and 3 of those are Super Scalers. The 25th anniversary of the release of Sakura Taisen on the Saturn is in 40 minutes, so expect to see it show up next week with a large amount of time put into it.


Fantasy Zone - 30
Gradius II: GOFER no Yabou - 13
In the Hunt - 5
Out Run - 57
Salamander - 14
Space Harrier - 16


Fatal Fury - 7
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - 7
Sonic Wings 2 - 8
Strikers 1945 Plus - 20


Gunstar Heroes - 14
Xeno Crisis - 13


After Burner Complete - 12

A rare appearance of the 32X for me; I very rarely set the thing up and there are not a lot of games worth playing on it, but this is definitely one of the 3 best games on the system, my favourite Super Scaler game, and still one of the best versions of After Burner II. Nothing will ever come close to playing it in the deluxe arcade cabinet, though. I played it in the deluxe cabinet one time when I was like 7. Ridiculously amazing experience. Too bad these cabinets are so hard to find now.

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Atari 8-bit:
Atari Invaders - 8 min.
Gorf - 18 min.


Since I had not played any games for the entire week until late Sunday afternoon, I don't find myself playing any more for rest of the evening so I'll post these detection limit entries now. Yes, that is the latest A8 HSC round by the way.

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Did not get too much gaming time this week but I enjoyed the potpourri of gaming I got.



Ch Ch Ch Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers - 35 minutes. That is one awesome game. It’s been years.


Yo! Noid - 40 minutes. Okay, not every NES Capcom platformer is a winner. I am sticking with it because 7 year old me wanted it so much that I’m really rubbing the kid’s face in it.


Road Runner - 25 minutes. Try as I might, I could not beat the second level. The one time I made it past the rocket section Wil E got me on a lucky pogo jump. Not a very fair game.




Balloon Fight - 15 minutes. Most of which was a single balloon trip. My favorite NES/Famicom game.




Seicross - 15 minutes. It is objectively not great but something keeps bringing me back.






Phalanx - 45 minutes. I love this game so much, from the crazy packaging to the complete ripoff of every other shmup series it represents. I am not great, but improving.




Mega Man X3: 20 minutes. Not the most inspiring game, is it. Not a bad surprise to find in your attic, though. Now if only I could find my Chrono Trigger cart…






Minestorm - 15 minutes. I really need to fix this controller.




Game Boy:


Punisher: The Ultimate Payback - 20 minutes. Spidey judging you is the highlight of this lightgun game. Surprisingly decent for LJN.


Turbografx 16:

Raiden - 35 minutes. Died against the stage 3 boss. Not bad. I wish it gave you a second to photograph your score, sheesh.




Deep Blue - 15 minutes. It’s hard to avoid feeling that I’m missing something when playing this. Surely you are not actually that helpless and slow? Yes, yes you are.

PC Engine:


Metal Stoker - 30 minutes. Talk about Combat Evolved! This is a really fun tank shooter that should be much more well known.


Spin Pair - 20 minutes. One of those puzzle games that seems trivially easy until you die.


Knight Rider - 25 minutes. The first boss annihilates me every time. I don’t get it. I kind of want to get rid of it but the theme song and chibi Hoff makes me hold onto it.


SCI: Special Criminal Investigations - 30 minutes. I hated this sequel to Chase HQ on first play and was ready to put it up for trade until I played it, got pretty far, and had a blast.




Tiger game.com:


Frogger - 95 minutes. At least. I discovered that if you turn continues on it doesn’t let your game end, ever. So I went with it and beat the game. Despite many bugs, some of the best fun on this visionary and broken system.


Fairchild Channel F:

Speaking of visionary, I am over the moon to have a Channel F again, not to mention a Multicart and Tetris from @e5frog!


Videocart 28: Tetris - 20 minutes. Both left and right controller are a little twitchy and easy to over-rotate, but I am starting to get the hang of it.



Videocart 27: Pac Man - 25 minutes. This is such a fun implementation.



Hockey - 30 minutes of fighting against myself and remembering how the Channel F works.


Videocart 17: Pinball Challenge - 20 minutes. Hey, I like it!



Videocart 20 (US): Video Whizball - 10 minutes. This is such a blast somebody really needs to remake it.


Videocart 26: Alien Invasion - 20 minutes. This is a very fun Space Invaders clone. Nothing too unique but I love the weird designs and animation of the invaders.



One of the most endearing things about the Channel F is how it struggles to keep your score updated. I love score tickers that take some time to tally it up but the Ch F practically makes it an art form.

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1 hour ago, jgkspsx said:

Videocart 20 (US): Video Whizball - 10 minutes. This is such a blast somebody really needs to remake it.

I agree about that. Unfortunately most classic systems have too few controller options to make it perfect justice: the game lets you move in all eight directions, rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise and push to fire bullets at the same time (IIRC pulling doesn't add any function?). I suppose a system with three or more action buttons might compensate for the rotation feature, if you are able to reach all control features at the same time.

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Here are my times for the last week.


Atari 2600

Frogger: 3 mintues

Lock n'Chase: 7 minutes

Tapper: 8 minutes

Amidar: 5 minutes

Fast Food: 4 minutes

Kaboom: 2 minutes

Spiderman: 4 1/2 minutes

TRON- Deadly discs: 5 minutes



Baby Boomer (Unlicensed): 4 minutes

Bible Buffet (unlicensed):  10 minutes

Batman 1989: 5 minutes

Fantasy Zone (Unlicensed) 7 minutes

Yoshi's Cookie: 11 minutes



Megaman X1: 19 minutes

Akumajou Dracula: 7 minutes

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Here's the summary for Week 38, running from Sept 20 - 26. We logged 2276 minutes of eligible play, playing 71 games on a total of 15 systems.


Top 10:


1. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 249 min. (#4)
2. Rat Attack (N64) - 244 min.
3. Castlevania (NES/Famicom) - 120 min.
3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES) - 120 min. (#7)
5. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 107 min. (#5)
6. Frogger (Game.com) - 95 min.
7. Assault (Atari 2600) - 60 min.
7. Tennis (Atari 2600) - 60 min.
9. Out Run (Arcade) - 57 min.
10. Plaque Attack (Atari 2600) - 55 min.


Pre-NES top 10:


1. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 249 min. (PN#1)
2. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 107 min. (PN#2)
3. Assault (Atari 2600) - 60 min.
3. Tennis (Atari 2600) - 60 min.
5. Plaque Attack (Atari 2600) - 55 min.
6. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 52 min. (PN#5)
7. RealSports Tennis (Atari 2600) - 41 min.
8. Fantasy Zone (Arcade) - 30 min.
8. Hockey (Fairchild Channel F) - 30 min.
8. Pac-Man (Arcade) - 30 min.
8. Pac-Man (Atari 5200) - 30 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. Atari 2600 (739) (#2)
2. NES/Famicom (301) (#4)
3. N64 (244)
4. SNES (241) (#1)
5. TG-16/PC Engine (174)
6. Arcade (165) (#7)
7. Fairchild Channel F (125)
8. Game.com (95) (#9)
9. Atari 8-bit (46)
10. Neo Geo AES/MVS (42)

This week is headed by Eggz 'n Ratz which are a mere 5 minutes apart with Eggomania at the first place. Apparently it also becomes the most played pre-NES game on a list strongly dominated by the Atari 2600, which in its turn shows in the systems list. No new entries to the 1000, 5000 or 10000 minute clubs.


In case anyone was late to post, please add your minutes below and I'll include those for next week.

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So the 27th of September was the 25th anniversary of the release of Sakura Taisen on the Saturn, where it became the 13th best-selling game on the system in Japan, and I've had it for over a year now unplayed, so I used that as an excuse to finally sit down and play it... on Dreamcast lol. Also got my Dreamcast VGA box, so I tested a few games with the VGA box in various configurations.


After Burner II - 26
Sakura Taisen - 42

Here it is, the legendary Sakura Taisen, one of the best, best-selling, most popular, most famous, most well-received, and most influential games on the Saturn, the single most expensive game Sega had ever made at the time of its release, and it has one of the most famous opening songs in any video game ever made. This game was not only way better than I expected it to be, but it's actually really good in general. There's a (maybe illegal) English translation for the Saturn version out there, so go try that if you can't do Japanese. It also got officially released in Russian on PC, although I have heard that it's a super-terrible machine translation that was done in the mid-2000s, so you know it's basically going to be so bad that it's unusable.



Ikaruga - 3 (estimate)
Sakura Taisen - 1007

Dreamcast version of the legendary Saturn game. Compared to Saturn, Dreamcast has higher resolution, cutscene quality is greatly enhanced, and the text is much nicer and easier to read (probably because of the overall increase in resolution), but no official VGA support. Still can be forced into VGA mode, so no big deal. I got Sakura's ending and transferred my save file to the sequel, which does some stuff.
Sakura Taisen 2 ~Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare~ - 137

After the massive and unexpected success of the first game, Sega put a crapload of cash into the sequel and the production value is so much better than the previous game that it's kind of ridiculous. The famous LIPS system is now greatly expanded, the controls are refined, there is more cool stuff to use in battle, you can transfer your save file from the previous game, and the graphics and especially the new animated cutscenes are absolutely beautiful, which basically means it does everything that a good sequel should do. A big of slowdown sometimes in battle and still no official VGA support, but it can still be forced into VGA mode. They also added a happy save file timer. Yay!
Sonic Adventure (Japan) - 20 (estimate)
Sonic Adventure 2 - 8


Castlevania Chronicles - 132

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Atari 8-bit:
Atari Invaders - 31 min.
Gorf - 21 min.


It appears these days I only play video games one day a week, sometimes not even that. A combination of a lot to do, a lot to watch and general tiredness made me realize on Sunday evening that I had not played a single minute, so here are some feeble attempts to improve my scores in the A8 HSC, as well as have something to contribute to the tracker.


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Here are my times for this past week (September 27th through October 3rd, 2021) on classic systems:



Jr. Pac-Man: 114 min. in 5 sessions


Commodore 64:

Apple Cider Spider: 25 min. in 2 sessions


On the classic side, this week I played Jr. Pac-Man (again) and another game I hadn't played since way back when, Apple Cider Spider on the C-64. It's basically a 3-screen platformer similar to Donkey Kong Jr., and I at least managed to get through 2 rounds of 3 screen each. Strangely, at Level 1 you get less enemies than on Level 0.


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Removed the times for modern system after moving them to the modern tracker
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On 7/18/2021 at 5:04 PM, Steven Pendleton said:


Sonic Adventure (Japan) - 29
Sonic Adventure 2 - 303


On 8/1/2021 at 5:04 PM, Steven Pendleton said:


Sonic Adventure (Japan) - 43
Sonic Adventure 2 - 20


On 8/22/2021 at 12:37 PM, Steven Pendleton said:


Sonic Adventure (Japan) - 12 (estimate)


6 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:


Sonic Adventure (Japan) - 20 (estimate)

Sonic Adventure 2 - 8

Oh yes, I have been meaning to ask which game you refer to as (Japan). Per my notes there are three DC games: Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure International (JP) which you played earlier this year. Would those four entries belong to SA 1 or SA Int, or even a fourth entry?

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Not a ton of time to play games but enough to have some fun.


Game Boy:

Tetris - 165 minutes


PC Engine:

Horror Story - 40 minutes

Pac-Land - 30 minutes

Splatterhouse - 40 minutes


The Game Boy traveled yet again, Tetris still being the only thing in that cartridge port, and it was quite nice. I haven't hit any new records or done anything really all that impressive, it's just screwing off in 20-minute bursts during free time, but I've noticed myself getting better at stacking blocks. I've decided to switch things up, the stack on the right side instead of the left, and I feel like it's almost better in some ways? I'll have to play more to figure that out.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before bed I said I'd play a bit of PC Engine. I did spend a good chunk for that Super SD System, I've got to get some playtime out of it! Monday was two runs of Splatterhouse, I got hit twice on the first so I had to try again for a perfect run. Wednesday was Horror Story, I didn't do well but it was quite fun. Friday was Pac-Land, a game I both seem to love and just not care for at the same time.


It's looking like I'll be shipping another large box from Japan next week, it'll arrive hopefully the week after, and I'll have a few new systems in the house! Adding a PS1, Saturn, Cassette Vision and two more NEC PCs (PC-8001, PC-8801) finishes out a fair few things I've wanted to buy for a while now. Now to just play some games on 'em...

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I did not get a ton of time to game this week, but I enjoyed what I got.


Channel F

Videocart 2: Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery - 15 minutes. Mostly shooting gallery. Desert Fox seems a lot more advanced than Combat, it would be nice to have a second player.


Videocart 14: Sonar Search - 15 minutes. I like this a lot - a slightly different and snappier take on Battleship.


Videocart 16: Dodge It - 35 minutes. This is a super compelling game as simple as it is. I’ve played similar, particularly the microgame in Warioware where Wario’s RC car has to avoid giant balls, but this is purer and more intense than any of them. In a lot of ways this is like a bullet hell shmup trainer.



Videocart 23: Galactic Space Wars - 20 minutes. Mostly Lunar Lander.

Ummm… what game is this? I don’t remember.




I got a dirt cheap Blaze Atari handheld with an SD card slot. Emulation is middling and the screen and buttons are nowhere near as good as the Evercade but it’s playable enough.




Plutos - 25 minutes. Pretty fun! Though kinda throwbacky compared to the smooth scrolling of Xevious. EDIT: on reviewing videos recorded on real hardware I see that is an artifact of the emulation, not the game. Bummer.



Sadly, it won’t run Sirius, it freezes at the title screen.


Planet Smashers - 15 minutes. Okay, it’s not great, but it’s not horribly awful.


Atari 2600:


Demolition Herby - 15 minutes. Very good fun and not just an Amidar clone. It looked really funky on my CRT, though…


The Official Frogger by Sega - 25 minutes. So much better. I need to get better at it.




Off the Wall - 20 minutes. I liked this as a kid and still like it now. I think it is unpopular but I don’t know why.




Solaris - 30 minutes. A couple serious runs through this inspired by reading about The Last Starfighter.




Aquaventure - 25 minutes despite being borderline unplayable on the Blaze handheld because the crappy screen makes it impossible at most angles to even see your diver when the water is a similar color! I love this game, prototype or not, but the Vectrex homebrew homage Big Blue is a lot better.



Edit: a couple more just under the bell.


Rabbit Transit - 15 minutes. Very fun but the difficulty curve is a bit off. It’s trivially easy until the fourth level or so, and then it’s challenging all at once. I don’t think you can change the switches on this handheld ?




Pleiades (prototype) - 10 minutes. I got surprisingly far despite the fact that due to extreme flicker you can hardly see the enemy shots :|


Game Boy:


Burai Fighter Deluxe - 35 minutes. A few serious attempts to get deeper into this one.



Game Gear:


Cutthroat Island - 20 minutes. Though this game is widely panned and definitely really cheap, I have to give it credit for some really impressively flexible swordfighting controls. I wish the level designs and enemy behavior were more fun, but I think it’s worth at least trying. (Yes my Game Gear needs work, also the angle is bad.)






Most of my classic gaming time fell here again.


Balloon Fight - 35 minutes. When I was a child I was mad at Nintendo for ripping off Joust so badly. Now I am mad at Nintendo for not doing more with this wonderful game series.


The Legend of Zelda - 20 minutes. Finally got the cart I picked up at Value Village in 1998 running again. I probably should have cleaned it more back then. ?


King’s Knight - 15 minutes. It is somewhat frustrating but is it really as bad as everyone says? Hmmmm.


Xevious - 15 minutes. Yeah, give me the PC Engine version anytime.


Dr Mario - 15 minutes. This game is missing an element or five to make it truly great in my eyes, but nobody can argue with that incredible music.



Dr Chaos - 45 minutes. This game was crashing because of bad contacts as I played, but it is a fascinating blend of point and click and Metroidvania that I have never seen before. There may be a reason for that (the point and click segments are dull and ugly) but it is a good concept that should be tried again.




Tetris - 20 minutes. I do not like this version of Tetris. Could I stop playing once I started? Absolutely not.




Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse - 35 minutes. What a fantastic game.




Metroid - 180 minutes. I got a copy of this finally (though I’ve played through it on emulators many a time) and put it in to do a quick test that it worked. Three hours and change later (my playstyle is extremely cautious and grindy) I staggered to bed. More recent games may have a lot more finesse but part of me likes the original the best.





Herzog Zwei - 25 minutes of confusion, shame, and eventual destruction. I need to watch some playthroughs of this to understand better how to actually play this. It is important to me to get halfway decent at this weird game before I die.


Thunder Force II - 25 minutes of mostly dying from flying into the suspended barriers.

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