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Mr. Gimmick! remade for arcades

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A mod can move this if they feel it's in the wrong spot, but exA-Arcadia has faithfully remade Sunsoft's obscure 1992 NES release Mr. Gimmick and released it exclusively to arcades. While the new game has remastered graphics (and some new modes for fans, like mirrored levels, time attack, stage edit), you can select the original NES gfx & sounds in the options before playing, and you can even set it to two button mode if you really want it to play like the Famicom version (I'll try and record that mode this next week). The way the game plays regardless is spot on with the NES version, although they did correct some minor errors in a few things here and there. 



I spoke with the CEO of exA about it and he confirmed that this version is NOT headed to consoles, as his company made it as a way to help drive interest in their arcade platform. As of this moment, the only place in the US where you can find it is at one of my arcades in Utah (sorry, shameless plug :P )

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6 hours ago, Propane13 said:

Do you have a picture of the cabinet?  That would be interesting to see!

Yep! Just a note that this is a cabinet that I had partially customized by Fun Company, but they are the official manufacturer of the cabinets for exA; Also, it's somewhat of a generic cabinet since it works like a Neo Geo MVS (mine has the maximum of four game carts in it, Gimmick is one of them)




Here's an unboxing video I did of one of the other games for it, a shmup called Vritra (moved locations from when I took the pic above). I will add a marquee to it when they release an official one later this year:



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