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Atari 7800 Homebrew Games Completed/WIP in 2021

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Atari 7800 Homebrew Games Completed/WIP in 2021


Below is a list of all the Atari 7800 homebrew games that have either been completed, updated or released in 2021. Please let me know if there are any missing or inaccurate (credits, binary sizes) entries. Note: Games are only added to this list if there is a playable binary or video of the game.


Physical Release




Previous Years: 2020, 2019


More Info:

  • 2021xxxx: When the latest binary/video was uploaded
  • Demo: Not the full game. Limited either by levels, time, lives or in some other way
  • [ref]: Link to where the game is declared completed
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Both Arkanoid and Popeye 7800 released new binaries today so I thought it would be a good idea to start the new list for the new year! I've updated the format to include much more information and links straight to the binary download pages for easy reference. ?


- James

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5 hours ago, Trebor said:

Dragon's Cache actually has a newer version (20201024) available, despite not being listed under the opening post. ;)

Awesome, thanks for the correction, I've updated the listing:

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2 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:

Thanks for keeping these WIP lists for the 7800 updated James, it's not as easy to keep up with all the new stuff as it used to be :)

You're very welcome Lewis! It not only helps me keep track of all the incredible work you and others are doing but is a great starting point for those who are interested in looking into expanding their Homebrew library with the newest games. ?


- James

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