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54 minutes ago, Eagle said:


Ported from A800 


Press Start to restart level.

Only 4 levels in beta version.

No sound, no menu.

Tested on Pro System (not tested on real hw)



HL7800.a78 32 kB · 1 download

Hi Eagle...Thanks for sharing!

The file posted is actually just a binary *.bin ROM file mislabeled as a *.a78 file. 


Below is the ROM file with correct and appropriate header:


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2 hours ago, mksmith said:


Nice! Linking the binary to JS7800 is a great idea for developers to start adopting so people can have quick access to try out the games. ? 


I just tried the same out with Javatari for 2600 games and it works too... hmm... ideas are forming..


- James

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On 1/7/2021 at 2:39 PM, gambler172 said:


at the moment,the only game,which does not work on Dragonfly cart.

did you try the updated rom that Trebor provided? The original rom was a .BIN mislabled as A78 and wouldn't work on the DF cart in that format. I've not tried any of the other rom releases but hopefully soon.


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HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE (tomorrow)!!


ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Heartlight on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!




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Small update (need to add animation)

This just test to move gfx from indirect to direct. 

I decided to test HL before I will do similar with Robbo.

PAL only (I will add NTSC later)


Play on JS7800 online emulator


EDIT: NTSC version attached as well 







Edited by Eagle
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52 minutes ago, Eagle said:

New version.


Great stuff! I don't know if it's possible at this stage of development to implement a level reset via the joystick, possibly by holding down the button for X seconds? It would be very convenient for people who don't have their console near them. 😉


- James



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