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Any custom firmware in the works...


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2 hours ago, mr_me said:

Altirra should work on linux with wine.  You can put windows rather than linux if you want.


Does anyone know how the atari spinner works on linux/windows.  Does it become a mouse axis?

Altirra works great under Wine.   I've been using it this way for a few years.

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I suppose my answer also depends on what the thread author means - really system firmware, or the AtariOS.

Anybody who would look to replace the firmware right now would be taking a big risk.
The machine already supports installing an external O/S, (but I would like BIOS virtualisation enabled.)
The risks as I see it would be:
- The BIOS updates come from AtariOS
  e.g. Atari said the fan is there as a safeguard, and the activity levels are set to maximum safety (active) for now.
- Other on-board devices can get firmware or microcode updates.

As to replacing AtariOS, this also seems short-sighted, and unnecessary, and you'd only get 32GB for everything.
- The controller firmware updates from AtariOS.
- AtariOS is also a work-in-progress, and further service integrations will likely be exclusive to AtariOS.
- Since Atari bought WonderOS, integrated support for some Android games on AtariOS might well be expected.

As there's no problem to install another O/S on an external drive, I can't see why anybody would replace AtariOS.
I wait for future AtariOS updates, and new opportunities which they may bring. This box already does all I want.

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