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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14__ROUND 10


(Round Over Saturday 1/31/2021) Round Complete






Power Drive Rally

-Start the game with default settings and play as deep into the circuits as you can get.  If there is a tie it will be based on time on that race. Take a picture and post your score/level!

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 



Power Drive Rally Times:


1. masematte                    Complete    $152,750 +10

2. Machine                         Complete    $144,750  +8

3. doctor_shred                  Complete    $144,750  +8

4. Rick Dangerous               Week 3, Day 4  +6

5. Hyper_Eye                      Week 1, Day 3  +4








The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Masematte                           72

2. machine                               66

3. Doctor_Shred                       57

4. Hyper_Eye                           52

5. WilcoL                                 25

6. Rick Dangerous                    19

7. LianneJaguar64                    10

8. Darrin9999                          10

9. Jblenkle                                4

10. tripled79                             3

11. doctorclu                             1

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1 hour ago, masematte said:

okay complette , i hate the skill tests.....

Yep.  Love the racing, but I find the skill tests needless, frustrating, and a waste of time.  They knock down my enjoyment of the game a couple of notches.

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I love this game, so I do not mind going back.

Last time it said "Get as far in as you can (Weeks 1-8, races) and post an image of the final round/track number you can make it to and can't get past (for example: Week 3/Day 4). OR your final game screen for beating the whole game."


Nothing about money. Nuclear Pacman was the only one who posted the money....no one else did cuz it wasn't mentioned.  I dont mind posting the money, but I was not playing to save cash cuz I thought it was like last time.

No biggy, I enjoy this game so I can get to the last level pretty quick. The last level is brutal, but I am sure I can beat it again.




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