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Anyone has bought anything from https://videogamer.org/ site?


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Hi Atarians!
I have a question about purchasing things on https://videogamer.org/ site.
I've purchased 2 pieces of Atari 7800 consoles just before Christmas and got no answer till now (except my order confirmation).
Has anyone bought something from this site? If so, any opinions?
Thanks in advance and have a great 2021 year.
(posted it also on several Facebook groups before)
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45 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:

Never come across that site before, sorry.

No problem, I went there forst time.

33 minutes ago, gilsaluki said:

Could be they are a small operation and took off like the rest of the western world for the holidays.   They should be waking up today.  

Yeah, I just though this way. I'm going to give guy a few days to respond, and cancel my order if there won't be any.

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Sorry to hear you haven't heard anything from them. Have you tried emailing? Looks like it's a German site - do you speak any German? You mentioned your English isn't great, so just throwing that out there as another option. Let us know how things go, as I may make a purchase if you ultimately wind up having a positive experience.

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@sixersfan105 Yeah, I've sent a couple of emails but hasn't received any answer.

There weren't any tries to withdraw money from my credit cart as well (as least for today).

Maybe the guy is on some kind of vacation but I think it would be nice to inform about this.


I know German a little but since the site is bi-linguar (German/English) I thought that writing in English isn't something wrong here.

Regarding my English. It's quite good but when I have choice between speaking and writing, I'd prefer that second one as I don't speak if very often.


OK, I'll wait a bit and then write mail cancelling my order. A bit pity because some of the prices on site are competitive in comparison with eBay ones...

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Gotcha. I agree that their prices look pretty good, especially on a couple of the systems. I see where they do not take PayPal and instead you have to enter your credit card details within the site. I'm not a huge fan of that for security purposes but hopefully you won't have any issues (glad to hear that nothing fishy has occurred as of yet). Keep us posted!

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Sorry. I forgot about this topic.


I just cancelled my order on 11 of January and got "No problem" answer... in 10 minutes.


So, maybe the shop is legit anyway, but proceed with caution.


End of story.

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Yep, he's legit, German company.

Ordered from him many of times, quick and fast delivery. Through him I managed to complete my Atari Lynx collection (some items Telegames UK didn't have).

His 7800 collection is rapidly getting less, so once they are gone, they won't be refilled.

So, never had any problems with this seller.

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