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Charging a US 3DS in the UK

Ross PK

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I have a US 3DS XL and the USB plug at the end of the charging cable is plugged into a two pronged US plug.


I just wanted to make sure it will definitely be okay for me to charge the 3DS XL by plugging it into my step down converter.


If it is, which socket should I plug it into, the 110v one or the 100v one?


If not, would it be okay to take off the US plug, and plug the USB plug into my 12v 17Ah jump starter?









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The systems inside don't care, it's the plug you jam into it to feed it juice.  Mid-last year I somehow found a local who came here and brought a patchwork mess (like 3 systems cobbled into one) SP 101 system that was Euro based and had a euro weirdly pronged adapter with it.  I've got it lying around now, but I just popped a US one into it and it went fine.


Since we're still talking Nintendo handhelds here, not that a console would matter either, as long as the adapter/plug itself is intended for the system, and has the right parts to jam into your wall, or a USB jack which would negate even caring about such things, you're fine.

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