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Suggestion - Rename the Modern Consoles subforum to "Modern Gaming"


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Technically a duplicate post, but I think it belongs here instead: Why Modern "Consoles?" - Modern Console Discussion - AtariAge Forums


While the classic subforms are broken up logically into Classic Consoles and Classic Computers, there is no home for Modern Computers.  An easy solution would be to just rename the subforums


  • From -> To
  • Modern Consoles -> Modern Gaming
  • Modern Console Discussion -> Modern Gaming Discussion


At least 2 of the pinned threads currently in "Modern Console Discussion" deal heavily or exclusively with PC gaming.

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I'm going to bump this, but not trying to be pushy.  I still haven't heard a (official) response across either thread.  If the intention was met by renaming Modern Gaming to Modern Consoles then great, but it leaves a gap about where we should post information about modern PC gaming.  Any thoughts from those that run the website?  

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It appears that the Atari VCS subforum has been moved out of the modern section and into the Atari section, so some work on the structure was done recently. Perhaps this suggested renaming that would have enabled discussions of PC based gaming into AtariAge could have had happened at the same time? Any comment from the mods?

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