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Hey! My dad and I were talking about cleaning out old game consoles and he mentioned he had a game console in his wardrobe in a box that i would have never heard of.

he pulled it down for me and I had a look at it, it looks shockingly similar to an old computer with a keyboard and everything. I looked up the consoles name that was on it and i have been surprised that i have had alot of trouble finding out how and who to sell it to and how much it would sell for. Any information would be extremely appreciated.


APF M1000, The Imagination Machine, APF BB-1 Expansion Block, Serial interface cartridge, expanded memory cartridge R8-K.

My dad thinks we have a box of game cartridges somewhere too that would need to be found that we will update here if we find them.


I've tried looking around on the web for the last couple hours trying to find traces of these being sold somewhere without much luck and now ill turn to asking for some help :)


Thanks ~Dani

from Australia

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