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2 players?


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On 1/10/2021 at 2:21 PM, Karl G said:

I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. What part of two player simultaneous are you wanting help with? It should be just a matter of reading two controllers, and moving two player graphics and/or missiles accordingly.

Exactly. If you know how to implement the logic for making a one player game, you basically already know how to make a two player game, there would be no real special tricks involved.


What have you tried so far, and what kind of problems are you having?

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The "ASM background" would just be higher resolution playfield plus a background color. You won't be able to do the very edges of the screen with any version of bB that I'm aware of, but you can do a higher resolution playfield with the DPC+ kernel, the Multisprite kernel, or with the standard kernel if you make use of Superchip RAM.

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You could probably play around with:


 set kernel_options pfcolors no_blank_lines background


I'm thinking that'd give you a colorful background with single color playfield blocks.  Although you'd lose a missile.


But, the original question wanted 2 players and what I suggested only has 2 sprites.  In my scrolling game and in Princess Rescue the players sprite and enemy/item sprite take up all the available, er, sprites.

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