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Status 2020-01-12 - Working on N:

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I've been working on trying to get the N: handler rewrite branchusable, so that it can be folded into master, it's here: 



The fundamental differences lie in restructuring the code to combine as much common code as possible, currently translation and things needed by filesystem adapters, and to fan that out to all of the various protocol adapters, which have been split into their own library.


I started this work in November, and have been able to port over TCP, UDP, HTTP, and TNFS protocol adapters, thus far.


The odd man out from master, is FTP. A protocol, that, for its apparent simplicity, seems to be giving me fits to properly parse control channel messages.


I am wondering if I should basically go ahead and release the build I have now, and continue working on FTP support...


Does anyone want to take a hand at making another protocol adapter? e.g. adapting libsmb2 for SMB support? Adding NFS support?



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