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Dragon Hunt

Captain Spazer

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I'm almost done with Dragon Hunt, a nerve-wrecking adventure game where you; the brave adventurer enters the dragons dungeon armed only with your wits and a couple of magic arrows. At this stage I am mainly hunting for bugs, if you encounter any bugs please report them.


As you go through the dungeon you will notice  that your senses tell you things about your surroundings.

These symbols of your senses are located at the top of your screen:

The wind symbol tells you that you feel a draft and that means an acid filled pit is nearby.

The noise symbol tells you that you hear a noise and that means a bat is nearby.

The arrow symbol tells you that you see an arrow nearby.

The dragon symbol tells you that the dragon is nearby.


At the bottom left side of the screen is your quiver that indicates how many arrows you have.


If you step into the room with the acid pit, you fall to your death.

If you step into the room the dragon is in, you will be incinerated.

If you step into the room the bat is in, the bat will move you to a random room.

If you step into the room with the arrow, you get an extra arrow, but only if you have less then 3, if you already have 3, you get 200 points instead.


How do I win this thing?

You win if you figure out where the dragon is, and shoot a magic arrow into the room that the dragon is in, this nets you 1000 points.



At the titlescreen flip the reset switch to begin the game.

In the dungeon, you move from room to room by moving the joystick up, down, left and right.

In the dungeon, you fire your arrow by holding down the firebutton and moving the joystick in the direction you wish to shoot.

Upon a death scene, the score counter will blink when you can flip the reset switch to begin a new game again.


What gives? The dungeon is really big and weird!

The dungeon is a 4x4 grid, but the kicker is that it loops from top to bottom and side to side in order to add an extra challenge, keep in mind that you can't sense what is in a room at the far top/bottom or left/right, you can only sense what is next to your current room. Every room in the dungeon is color coded so you should quickly get a hang of orientation.



Download - Dragon_Hunt_V0.9.bin

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Nice game! I really like the room to room animations as well as the various "encounter" animations.


I also liked how firing the arrow was done. Something that would be nice to see would be a "hard" mode where you can only have maybe 1 or 2 arrows instead of 3 as your max. That way when you get the dragon icon, you'll never be able to try all three other directions even at max ammo. That way if you miss, you  have to go back and explore for more arrows and hope not to die before you find the dragon again.

Do the dragon/pits/bat move room to room or do they stay in the square they start the round in? And is it possible to avoid pits or is it just a "roll of the dice" and hope you don't fall down one each time you see the icon?

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Dragon Hunt on tomorrow's (Tue Mar 23, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 2AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!









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