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Intellivision Lots (some rare) now on Ebay (Everything's sold)


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Edit:  Everything's sold now! 


In my earlier intellivision games for sale thread 


I offered a variety of intellivision games for sale.  What didn't sell directly to atariage members I've now put on ebay on a week long auction.  See below for a listing of lots (with starting bids lower than what I originally asked here)

Edit #1 - I've cross out all items sold so far, plus started adding some of my commons bundled into themes.  


Intellivision Games (Imagic) - 13 games, some with box/manual/overlays, Tested

Intellivision Games (Coleco) - 7 games, some with box/manual/overlays, Tested

Intellivision Games (Activision) - 5 games, some with box/manual/overlays,Tested

Intellivision Intellivoice + 4 Intellivoice Games (some with box/manual/overlay)

Intellivision Games (Parker Brothers) - 3 games, one with box/manual, Tested

Intellivision Games - Commando, Hoverforce, Blockade Runner (Boxed/Tested)

Intellivision Games - Champ Tennis, Slap Shot Hockey, Super Pro FB(Boxed/Tested)

Intellivision Game - Tower of Doom with Box/Manual, Tested

Intellivision Games (Sports) 10 Games, some with box/manual/overlays, Tested

Intellivision Games (Mix) 22 Games, some with box/manual/overlays, Tested

Intellivision Games (Uncommon/loose) - 6 games inc. Thin Ice, Pac-man (INTV)

Intellivision Games (Mix) 16 Games, some with box/manual/overlays, Tested



And while it isn't Intellivision, I have a couple of CBS Video Games Joystick Stick Stands for the Atari 2600 that I bought but never used.  I know nothing about the true value of these, other than the top search result points back to a 2013 atariage post trying to sell one!  Just looking to get them out of the house, auction is here:

CBS Video Games 2xJoystick Stick Stand for Original Atari 2600 Controllers


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Crossed out items purchased so far
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