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My experiments with Atari 7800


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56 minutes ago, Eagle said:

It's a shame that this background graphic only has 4 colors


As an alternative, you could divide the background graphics into horizontal zones (for example, 16 pixels high) and assign each zone a unique palette. You could use the same dominant colors but vary the brightness gradually.


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21 minutes ago, Eagle said:

Amiga version it’s not good enough :D  ;) 

They’re using dualplayfield mode, so 7 colours per playfield. 

Yes I know, I was just trying to keep things easy without asking too much. :)


22 minutes ago, Eagle said:

I’m using in my code about 30 colours, but you cant see them yet.

Well, I thought maybe you were joking, now I'm sure. :)


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On 2/22/2023 at 10:08 PM, Eagle said:

Maria 160B mode for background and sprites

GFX from A8 version by @Tezz Vega and @tebe

Sprites version by @TIX colored by me to 160B

Also I did conversion test of G2F picture by Odyn1ec





Looks realy great, would like to see a demo for the 7800 😉

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5 hours ago, Eagle said:

I really like how the jeep pops out and is easy to distinguish. 


A concern here is with the player's helicopter palette and especially against the yellow/gold background.  There is a very fine line that is often blurred between green/yellow/gold, for the NTSC Atari consoles, due to some of the hue ranges that can appear different depending on display type (NTSC $1x), and some palette values, factor the aforementioned, in addition to how much the console has 'warmed-up' (NTSC $Ex & $Fx). 


If sticking with shades of green, highly recommend keeping it within the NTSC Hue $Cx or NTSC $Dx range for the player.  Caution with NTSC $Dx though, once the console becomes hot, for the higher luminance values ($DC thru $DF), the color may start to lean chartreuse-yellow.


If NTSC $1x is being leverage for the background, it will appear within a golden range (Brown-Gold-Yellow) under a CRT, and under most emulators or FPGA implementations that simulate color output under a CRT.  However, the console under most modern displays, NTSC $1x will appear as shades of chartreuse at best, if not shades of green.

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I will try to not use this GFX in the future. But it's not really up to me :)

I'm using this graphics to show capabilities of my engine.

If I will start using some squares blocks then probably no one will enjoy.


27 minutes ago, Trebor said:


A concern here is with the player's helicopter palette and especially against the yellow/gold background.


We just had this conversation today on Polish discord and I decided to use 160B mode for Heli and Jeep, make them bigger and add dark outline.

I'm getting little bit dizzy playing with Heli because everything is blending. But it's really playing much better on real hardware.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reksio is beloved main character from Polish cartoon “Reksio” 
Beginning of this song is from cartoon intro, originally made by Lesnik in ‘90. 
The Duccinator made fantastic cover for YM2151 and he let me use it. 
It’s taking sometimes almost all cpu time, so not much left for special effects. 

BTW people are not aware of A7800 capabilities and they believed that this demo is made on cart driven by ARM 😂😂😂

Few more demos and they will be selling Amiga, ST, Jaguars and start buying 7800 :D 



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On 4/9/2023 at 7:13 AM, Eagle said:

Live from Revision oldskool demo compo



I absolutely love it when I see an Atari console or computer demo at a demo party live event. I was watching the live stream of Revision (I try to every year) But this compo I wasn't able to catch fully and didn't know about this specific demo until they uploaded it onto YouTube and I was able to watch that portion uninterrupted. Well done.

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