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My experiments with Atari 7800


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6 minutes ago, SainT said:

Are you driving HALT from your cart for your new Maria? Or are you just using RAM on the cart for the new Maria functionality?


No. Just 32MB ram. But in special mode (bit4 DL) we use 32bit for address ram for Maria.


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4 hours ago, Eagle said:

I just spoke with Mat and he will increase LineRam so we can have 8 pallet in 320 modes.

For 320C I would like to have P0C1 P1C1 P2C1 P2C1 and P0C3 P1C3 P2C3 P3C3 and....


If I'm interpreting correctly, these new 320C palettes using C1 and C3 are added to the original 320C palettes using C2, so the total colors increase from 8 to 16.


And the other palettes (P4, P5, P6, P7) will still be able to use C1 and C3?

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58 minutes ago, KrunchyTC said:

 Is it an enhancement chip? Like an MMC? I don't know what form it's gonna take.


In short, MariaECI is a FPGA of 7800 MARIA graphics chip that enhances the original graphics performance with more palettes in 320 mode, full transparency, more sprites on screen and much more. It currently runs on Atari 8-bit XL/XE and is planned for 7800 MiSTer. Obviously it is hoped that in the future it will also be available for 7800, perhaps with the SN³ cart. But I'm not the right person to answer these questions.

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On 8/11/2023 at 11:01 AM, Eagle said:

Instead of YM2151 we should use YM2413, but someone decide long time ago to put YM2151 in XM module 🤷‍♂️

I was there way back when XM was going to have just a Pokey. Somebody argued for adding the YM2151 to the XM. If the issues with YM2151 using another coprosessor were addressed a bit earilier, maybe the XM would use a different soundchip.

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