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Dodge it Atari2600


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it is true! this version also seems to be inspired by Dodge it from channel f




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14 hours ago, alfredtdk said:
In the easy difficulty we would get a higher score with the slower enemies.
The hard difficulty is what it is currently. Could we select both in the difficulty keys?


I put in this version 3 difficulties, Red Orange and Blue left on and right on






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7 hours ago, stephena said:

I would suggest upgrading your version of Stella at some point.  Version 2.0.1 is 15 years old!  We are at version 6.5.1 right now.  The have been huge advancements in the emulation accuracy in the past 15 years.

 Thanks for the tip, what's the difference from 6.5.1 to this one I use??

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