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KnightEx - a Joust homage for the Vectrex


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It doesn't look like this very fun Joust homage from @phoboz has gotten a thread of its own, and I think it deserves it. Here's a video that shows the gameplay pretty well, even if the player isn't so great. If you like Joust and you love your Vectrex I recommend picking it up from Alexander's website here. (Don't miss his other Vectrex games and his Atari Jaguar games if you are into that system too.)


There are some minor clipping bugs, and two omissions that I would love to see fixed in a sequel - no two player mode, and no lava troll. Then again it's plenty challenging without the troll!


The overlay is manufactured by @funknflow5200 and officially approved and co-designed by Alexander. I think you can get it from another thread in this very forum!

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