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Austin Game Conference


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I will not be able to go,and I have no idea how I gotthis email but here it is...




A group of industry leaders have come together to create the Austin Game

Developers Conference this September 11-12 in Austin, Texas -

http://www.GameConference.com. This new conference addresses the hottest growth

areas in game development: multiplayer online games and mobile games. The cost

is only $95 to attend both days.

The program offers 6 high quality tracks (48 sessions) from industry leaders,

including: Atari, Ubi Soft, Electronic Arts, Sony Online, Mythic Entertainment,

GameSpy, Turbine, Castle Hill Studios, Metrowerks, Mutable Realms, Online

Alchemy, Wolfpack Studios, MicroForte and others. Plus keynotes from Mark

Jacobs, CEO and President of Mythic Entertainment and Raph Koster, Chief

Designer of Star Wars Galaxies and Sony Online Entertainment. For more on the

conference program go to http://www.gameconference.com/conference/

In addition to the sessions there are two special features exclusive to the

Austin Game Conference:

*** LivePitch -- where developers pitch their PC or console game project to the

world's leading publishers with the hopes of securing a publishing deal.

Developers can apply to participate FREE by visiting the LivePitch website at


*** Machinima Theatre -- A showing of examples of the convergence of film,

animation and game development to deliver a cost effective and time efficient

way of making movies.

Check out our website http://www.gameconference.com to find out more and


Save $10 if you register before August 15, 2003.

Event sponsors include Alias, GameSpy, Bigworld, Micro Forte, BroadQ, Criterion

Software/RenderWare, RLX Technologies, Nokia, Mary-Margaret.com, AustinXL Angel

Investors Network, Heavy Metal Marketing, BeyondBeyond, and Zona.

See you there!





Cool I guess.

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