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Vectrex title screen

James app-2008

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i recently purchased a vectrex off ebay. 

recently when i turn the vectex on the title screen looks off. 

i can take a pic 


does anyone know what could cause this? 

i was playing vector pilot. In the menu i was fooling around with calibration. But i dont think thats the problem as it happens when the game isnt in


any help or info would be appreciated

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10 hours ago, 8bitAndy said:

The picture looks fine to me. Is there something in particular you don't like?

These are old analog machines, the displays have a little personality.

Well, the top right  corner of the rectangle looks a lot  closer to the edge of screen than the top left. The bottom corners seem ok. 

But like I said, it may be the angle the photo is taken from making it look that way. 

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Title screen looks fine to me. It's centered pretty well.. I would advise leaving it alone if I were you. Don't go poking around in there if you don't have to. ;)


Yes, a persistent white dot in the center and vectors emanating from it means it's a hair too bright. Simply turn the knob back a touch.

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