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Please do not message me privately.

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Some of you may have gotten my email address, one way or another, and are using this as permission to email me privately for support requests relating to FujiNet.


I will no longer reply to these e-mails.


The reason being: There is _ABSOLUTELY NOTHING_ that you could disclose to me, that would be sensitive enough to qualify for needing a private channel, and there is a very high chance that your problem, is someone else's problem, that they can benefit from a solution. 


Please. This is a public community, and we have an ENTIRE sub-forum dedicated to dealing with FujiNet, so let's utilize it for this purpose, for solving fujinet issues, past, present, and future.




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Sometimes we have reservations about public posting but that's not an issue here.

Thom has been very good at handling what comes his way and would not make a spectacle of your' input or suggestions as you've seen from other threads or developers on the forums... please don't be afraid or worried that such things will happen in the fujinet threads. Any push back to an idea or suggestion as well as problems will go through a decent debate in order to resolve the issue in the best way possible. It is a process to get to what a person really wants or is needed to handle the problem efficiently and correctly.


For every one person that speaks up, there are usually others waiting in the wings for the same thing. That's usually when others chime in or (even though we can't see them, nod there head in understanding). This is indeed the best way to help everyone. A place where all can see, hear, and learn together. Improvements are improved upon in implementation with others contributing to the scope and shape of it.


So come on in with us and post away!

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