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HDMI CEC - switch your TV on and off

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One would think that a media center / video game console can handle HDMI CEC. In other words the VCS is supposed to switch your TV on and off at startup and shutdown. I could not find any CEC-functionality and I assume it's not built in. So I bought an external HDMI-CEC adapter from here (yes...it is expensive) installed the cec-utils package in Linux Mint and realized that it is a bit more complicated than I thought ?


The adapter is made for Kodi, but I wanted my VCS to switch the TV at startup and shutdown. So I created two scripts in my home directory (subfolder scripts)...sh-files are attached.

A start_and_stop.service file I put in /etc/systemd/system...file is attached.

Then I activated the service as described here and here.


Now my VCS switches the TV on (HDMI 1) and switches it off automatically...and I can forget about my TV remote ?

TV-off.sh TV-on.sh start_and_stop.service

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