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Upp Plus Plus for the Atari 2600


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So, after gathering all the feedback over the years I decided to come out with another iteration of Upp.


It's been an incredible journey that would be entirely impossible without AtariAge and especially batari, Albert, RevEng and Thomas Jentzsch.  Plus, all of you brave souls willing to try new, weird homebrew!


Changes from previous versions of Upp include:

* 32 additional hand crafted levels/boards

* Optional Genesis controller C button support

* New stacking ship mechanic: your hit box is taller with more lives.

* Eliminated some cheap shots from laser salvo and stasis ball.

* Removed lines of code that may have triggered paddle auto-detect in Stella (Thanks RevEng and Thomas Jentzsch)

* Added more bonus capsule types that effect the playfield.

* Eliminated half-tone flicker effect on blocks due to YouTube mangling the video output in reviews.


The digital download and more info here:



As always feedback is super awesome good or bad!)








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ok yea so when i first loaded to stella it was locked on title card was some ppl mentioned so i thought oh its probably "stella need paddle imput" so thats when i asked for a hack cause the vcs is lacking a truly good ark/breakout type game and wanted to try- wasnt thinking about a second button at all just someting for 1640 cause thats what i use on vcs- only controller that give me any game playing capability at all for me on vcs by far

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