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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 14_Bonus Round-Super Bowl Edition!

Rick Dangerous

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14__BONUS ROUND Super Bowl Edition!


(Round Over Sunday 2/7/2021) ROUND COMPLETE!







Troy Aikman Football

-This round lasts one week!  Pick one of the two teams that are playing in this Sundays Super Bowl 55 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs) and play only as that team.  Play an exhibition match with any settings you want with the exception of (2 minute quarters, difficulty level: Rookie) and rack up the highest score you possibly can versus your opponent.  If you post your score before the start of the Super Bowl, AND you win the round and your team wins the super bowl, you will get an additional 10 bonus points on top of the points awarded for play during the round.  Anyone can post a score anytime Sunday and be eligible for regular points.  The game starts at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time.  Take a picture and post your score/level!


FYI---The rest of the month (3 Weeks) will be Flip Out! so feel free to start playing that also if you want. 

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 



Troy Aikman Football Scores:


1. Machine                 KC 92   +10

2. masematte            KC 54    +8

3. Darrin9999            TB  54   +8

4. Rick Dangerous       TB 14   +6









The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Masematte                           80

2. machine                               76

3. Doctor_Shred                       57

4. Hyper_Eye                           52

5. WilcoL                                 25

6. Rick Dangerous                    25

7. Darrin9999                          18

8. LianneJaguar64                    10

9. Jblenkle                                4

10. tripled79                             3

11. doctorclu                             1

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Dear Lord this game is broken. It is fun at times, but when  I play I am thinking "just some more tuning and this would be a good game". I find myself thinking that a lot when playing Jaguar.


Just to be clear.....the CPU team also has to be either KC or TB?   I think last year we had some confusion on this.....

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So.....No wonder why it is so difficult to score with TB. Although they may have used the 94 stats, but those were lopsided also...


Tampa Bay's team in 1995......

Trent Dilfer was QB. He threw for 4 TD's and 18 Int's.   He had an amazing QB rating of 60.1


Tampa Bay's team in 2020:

Tom Brady is QB. He had 43 TD's(3 were rushing) 12 Int's.  He had a QB Rating of 102.2



KC's team in 1995:

Steve Bono was QB. He had 26 TD's(5 were rushing) 10 Int's.  He had a QB Rating of 102


KC's team in 2020:

Mohomes is QB. He had 40 TD's(2 were rushing) 6 Int's.  He has a QB Rating of 108.2








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This is a tough choice. I really want Tom Brady to win because everyone else is so sick of him......yet I feel KC has a better chance of winning cuz Tyreek Hill is gonna have 200+ yards of receiving. 


Do I post a score for TB and go with my heart, or post a KC score and go with my brain......

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2 hours ago, Rick Dangerous said:

Remember guys, you can only okay as one team, not hedge your bets by playing as both.  I will use the best score from first team you posted with for final scoring. 


Yeah, I am playing with both teams and trying to just get the best score.  I figured you would only take our last(and highest) score like last year.


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12 hours ago, masematte said:

54 , ill try to get  interrupts and not let them score ....


Yeah, I try to get interceptions also ..... I got pretty good picking off the other team.  

Once the other team gets close to scoring, I give up and just let them score.


I have crazy game the other night. I took the kickoff for a TD. That has NEVER happened.  I may have made it to the 50 yard line or so before, but never a TD.

In the same game, I took a fumble for a 60 yard TD. I never have been able to run with the ball that far. Running the ball just doesn't work for me in this game.

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