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[Solved] Incorrect display on my 1200XL?


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I received my Fujinet a little while ago. It has been working fine on my Atari 130XE, except for the I/O cable popping out.


I just received an Atari 1200XL and the selection indicator displays wrong when I use the Fujinet on it. It only displays a few cells in green instead of the whole line. The machine seems to work fine otherwise. The display was fine on my 130XE.


The Fujinet is powered by the 1200XL and I have the 5v SIO fix (Jumper R63) installed in the 1200XL. Any idea what could be going on here?


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Very bizarre!!!


The issue was the wireless bluetooth adapter that I had connected to joystick port 1. When it's connected, the display is corrupted. Never had an issue with this bluetooth adapter connected to my C64 or Amiga.


I never had this issue on my 130XE because the adapter doesn't fit into the 130XE's recessed sockets.

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Yep, this is a well known difference in controller ports among most long-standing Atari users (at least those of us who work on the electronic hardware side of the hobby). Atari's 9-pin port became the standard across the industry, at least in form factor and usually U/D/L/R/F directions, until the 90's when Atari needed money and finally got around to suing Sega for patent infringement. they probably would have gone after Commodore next, if Commodore and Atari had lasted long enough. Joysticks were always interchangeable between Atari & Commodore and many others, but beyond that, when devices need power or Pokey's POT I/O input, things don't work right without modification.

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4 hours ago, manterola said:

I have the same adapter, also modified. I will check with my 600XL and 800XL (I don't have 1200XL) and FujiNet. 

How is your adapter modified?


I just disconnected pin 5 and jumpered pin 7 to the circuit so it would get 5v, but it still causes the same issue on my 1200XL. Now I'm wondering if the adapter is just pulling too much power. I doubt it though, but I don't see any other way that it could be causing issues.

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