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Gone to eBay


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Ebay open auction is gonna be your best bet for a lot like this. Start it at "three fiddy" and let it ride.


EDIT: Or if you really wanted to see what the market is ready to pay on this and be sure it's sold you can start it at 1 cent and let it go for 10 days. I would be curious to see how much a lot like this would sell for in that format.

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I already have it on eBay. I'm unwilling to pay those eBay reserve fees just to satisfy a curiosity. I'm entertaining best offers there but I have to charge more there because of the eBay fees.


Reserve not met: $5.00 or 7.5% of reserve price, whichever is greater (maximum fee $250) Charged whether or not your item sells. So if say, the top bid was "tree fiddy" but my reserve price is $500, then I'm out nearly $30 in fees. I'm on a fixed income so I'll et someone else try it. 


I was doing this in hopes that someone would recognize this as a bargain. The problem I have is I'm now far from civilization so shipping costs are probably a sticking point. It is also a problem when getting shipping supplies. It isn't easy finding the right size boxes. 


I'd rather it sold here than eBay. I've been hit twice by eScammers over the holidays. I just want to get rid of this stuff so now it feels like a burden, but at the same time, I'm trying to get enough to get back some of the money I spent. 



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