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Lynx High Score Club 2021 Round 2 Turbo Sub


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This month we play Turbo Sub
Last played in this high score club 4 years ago.


Settings - Default

Deadline to post scores is March 1st 2021 at 12PM EST


Lynx high score club record is -

Battlezone (150,300)

Bust it for 1 bonus point!

Busted! unoclay 152,500  +1 point

Final high scores -

unoclay 152,500 +11 points +3 points for winning round
Peyo 47,500 +10 points
ilmapo81 42,500 +9 points
Rick Dangerous 30,500 +8 points
doctor_shred 27,900 +7 points
roadrunner 13,500 +6 points
jblenkle 11,700 +5 points

Season point standings -

Peyo  14 points
unoclay  10 points
ilmapo81  9 points
doctor_shred  8 points
roadrunner 7 points
jblenkle  6 points
jeremiahjt  5 points
Rick Dangerous  4 points

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post 


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this game is so much more fun when i have a goal to shoot for.  Ok Peyo, others, lets do this

sorry for the flip-phone  quality photo.

49,700, i swear---its tough to snap a photo quickly enough when the game only shows the score screen for a couple seconds.  Paused after my final life since the game runs a few seconds more.



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7 hours ago, unoclay said:


then i did it.


I think i may have broken the all time high score?

See photos





Congrats! What does the final boss looks like? Shark? Octopus?

How long does it take to finish ?

Did you get extra points for beating the game?

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@Peyo  What, my most dangerous opponent wants me to spill the secrets???  ;']

It was some kind of flying octopus purple thing, but, SPOILER ALERT








you blast off into space for the final fight.  Turbo Sub goes interstellar!  

I was actually, i will admit, getting a bit bored.  The game basically loops many times and you fight the same levels at higher speeds.  Thats why i was really shocked that there was an ending.  I was basically just hoping to break the high score and then it all of a sudden went to the final round.  I'd say it was maybe 30-45 minutes.  Im not sure.  And i didnt take note if i got a major bonus for the finish--i assume the final boss was extra points, but, i was too surprised to notice and mainly was trying to survive (i was down to a life or two).



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