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ZombiU - a criminally underrated game


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I think the last time I played, I had the shotgun, and died stupidly...next character up, I wasn't able to get far enough to retrieve the shotgun...and then the next character, the shotgun wasn't there anymore :(


I really like it though, it's almost like a Roguelike.

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I managed to finish this one back in the day - the most un-nerving part of course was the nursery. As I recall, I didn't get the best ending as I screwed up right at the end there in the final sequence (where you don't know what to expect, exactly) but overall it was a really well put together game and gem for the WiiU library.

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One of the first Wii U games I got and absolutely loved playing through it. Amazing and weird atmosphere. The big "whoa...!" Moment I had was finding out that Zombies will actually pull you out of vent shafts if you are not quick enough.


At the same time I was playing Alien Isolation (Amazing) where enemies just stand there looking at you when you are in a vent!

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