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issues compiling on visual bb


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hiya! my name is gavin. 

first off, when i tried running the install_win it came with a invalid syntax error issue. "Default option is not allowed more than 2 time(s)" aswell, it says that "This batch file requires SETX," and i was unable to find a solution, so i instead set the bB compiler directory manually. I was watching tinkernuts video. I have everything updated correctly though, because his links were outdated. so i saved, and tried to compile when i get the error "Could not locate sed.exe or bbfilter.exe.  Please makes sure you have a copy in C:\Atari2600\bB. This will improve DASM error reporting" all ive done so far is set the background playfield. A response would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry if i sound unintelligent, i am 15 years old. I have experience making 2 games in the past with C# and 1 with C++ tho, so i have a fair grasp on coding and i am determined to this project of mine, and feel as if i am up to the challenge.


Thanks in advance,


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Make sure to follow R.T. Getting Started section.  R.T.s site is where I find %99.9 of my answers and cheat sheets for commands.



But, since VisualbB hasn't been updated in awhile you may wanna just use Visual Studio Code and the Atari Dev Studio extension.



To go the VisualbB route I follow R.T. getting started section to find the latest links for batari basic and VisualbB and dump the contents into a bB folder.  Just run VisualbB.exe from there.  Mine is just unzipped into C:\bB.


Visual Studio Code link:



7-zip if you don't already have something for compressed .ZIP files:




UPDATE:  I forgot one other thing of note.  There's this super crusty hacked together "Tinkernut" installer that creates folders like you described.  If you used that the first time around uninstall it and start from R.T. getting started guide.

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