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Genius, new game


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Genius, is a new three part, 240 levels game released today by Daniele Liverani.


He made it for Apple II then he ported it to C64, Plus/4 and now to A8, using the same code.


Screenshots are from Altirra, NTSC mode with artifacting enabled.




Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193784371026617

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bco2hvd322fx73/GeniusEp1-2-3-Atari-8Bit-Version01.zip


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3 minutes ago, Yautja said:

Interesting game. I made it to level 4, and only got black and white graphics. Is it normal? 


- Y -

Judging by the screenshots and the fact that is was an Apple port, the game certainly uses hi-res graphics and artifacting.  Only really useful from what I've been told on NTSC systems, and using composite video or RF.  S-video has enough video bandwidth to show the actual banding, rather than the false colour info.

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Had a brief play, initially thought the doors to open were random but my dodgy eyes spotted that the next door to open changes colour...Although its a bit basic its fun enough to want to see the next level.


Nice addition to the catalogue, thank you for the port..

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16 minutes ago, Yautja said:

Alright. And forgiving my ignorance, how to get the same in real hardware?

I live in a PAL country but artifacts arise when you connect a NTSC Atari to a TV or monitor with aerial or composite cable.


Flight Simulator II without/with artifacts.


801645575_FlightSimulatorIIwithoutartifacts.png.7ccbc996270ada0cb71785e0060989f2.png 1050312219_FlightSimulatorIIwithartifacts.png.46eeec489061094495cb3d45e2c6e243.png



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On 2/8/2021 at 8:18 PM, Mclaneinc said:

If you set the Artifact phasing to around 342 its more like the real thing..

This ist what the artifical horizon should look like: blue up half, brown (close to...) down half.

Artifacting with the UAV composite on a NTSC 800XL, phase poti turned to left stop.


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Made it to level 10.. Interesting game. It does maintain interest despite the very repetitive music and extremely chunky controls.  The controls are the main challenge. Guessing it plays the same on Apple II's. Enjoy it for what it is and especially that it's a new release.


Thank you Daniele Liverani


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