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QuadTari sample code for bB

Karl G

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48 minutes ago, Karl G said:

Yeah; I had wanted to have aliases setup for joy2 and joy3, but there's not an easy way to do that. If you set qtcontroller to 1, then after the next drawscreen, joy0 will be joy2, and joy1 will be joy3. Then you can set it back to 0, and on the next drawscreen it will be back to the first sets of controllers again.

Thank you very much.  I was taking a break and thought playing around with the Quadtari stuff would be fun. I was basically trying to make a simple buzzer program like the ones used in college quiz bowl. Thought that would essentially be as basic a program I could make. 


The Sheriff - Quiz Bowl Buzzer Program

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing the tech demos of Space Debris, Raindrops and Witch's Tower with four people as part of our multi-player gaming extravaganza on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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Dug in for some Qaudtari development.


I noticed raindrops.bas had some seemingly extraneous NUSIZx statements near the beginning of the main loop:

 NUSIZ0 = $30 : NUSIZ1 = $30


It turns out these are NOT trivial at all.  If you fail to mess with either NUSIZ0 or NUSIZ1 the Quadtari reading goes goo goo ga ga (at least in emulators).


As a workaround I've been loading values into NUSIZ0 either immediately before or after the primary drawscreen in my main loop.



 NUSIZ0 = $25


Note this is just my experience on my rickety Winderz install using the multi sprite kernel and 4scores or playerscores mini kernels.

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