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Bernie and the Cubic Conundrum (WIP)


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I've added a playable demo to the first page.


This is a very early alpha build and I've not worked on this for a while other than to clean things up for a demo release. Most of the menu items don't do anything in this build.


There are also a few glitches and bugs, so be warned! This is more to show where Bernie is at. (He has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat to EXO and Keystone Kapers, this last few months).


I'll be returning to complete Bernie early next year after Keystone Kapers is done.


Enjoy the demo!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE (tomorrow)!!


ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Bernie and the Cubic Conundrum on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!






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Playing this game it reminds me of the Music/ Action Adventure game Candace of Hyrule, where the monsters move on the downbeats of the songs since Berbie's bad guys bounce and move at the same time. Looks like a winner, fo' sho


Seriously, Ill pay your wife for a crocheted Bernie. I need it for the Atari part of my office. I'll give her BUXX, dude... Cold American BUXX.

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