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Contest: Which cart is missing? **WINNER**

Christophero Sly

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Currently and according to my personal list, only three Atari 'Picture' label carts are absent from my collection. One of them is Flag Capture, one of them is on it's way to me right now (so I'm counting it), and the third is the subject of this contest.


What is the last Atari 'Picture'* label cart, besides 'Flag Capture', that is missing from my collection?


*If you require an example, see the rarity guide.




1. Contest limited to North America. Sorry, shipping costs...


Rule 1 has been revised to include international contestants. Please see the stipulations in my second post to this thread at the bottom of this page


2. No bitchin' and moanin'. :wink:

3. One guess per contestant. If neccessary, I will reset this and allow contestants to guess again.

4. The winner must accept ALL the prizes.


The prizes: 12 Atari 2600 carts, each with some condition issue(s), but all of them work!!!


1. Ice Hockey: Missing end label. **Makes a great playing copy. Save your nice Activision labels.

2. Front Line: Missing 50% of end label, screws showing, 'Coxed'. **Makes a good place holder until you can find a copy in better condition. Plus, I actually like this game.

3. Winter Games: Missing end label, rattles. **Again, makes a good playing copy.

4. Vanguard: Heavy label wear, sticky dust flap.

5. Star Ship (Large Yellow Text): Nothing really wrong here. Labels intact. I found the cart without a dust flap, so I replaced it with one from a dead cart. It works fine, but not factory smooth. Also, one of the tabs on the dust flap broke off and was super-glued back on. **Your not going to play this game anyway. :P If you just want it for your collection, here it is.

6, 7. 2 Kaboom!: Looks like one label got a little too close to the fuse and the other got caught in the blast. **Again, great playing copies. Save your 'good' Activision labels.

8. Blackjack (text): Both labels peeling. **Well, I don't know what to do with it.

9. Surround (text): Missing end label. **Ditto.

10. Missile Command: Missing end label, stained. **Great playing copy.

11. Space Attack: PCB loose, back cover opened and loose (held with tape) **Looks like it would make a great project--"How to secure a PCB in an INTV case"

12. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back: Label missing. **Again, a great playing copy. IMO, Parker Bros. labels are almost as problematic as Activision labels. Save your 'good' Parker Bros. labels.


I'll monitor the contest as best I can. However, I'll be away for a few hours tonight.


Good luck and thanks for playing.



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I feel bad leaving our international friends out of the contest, but it's a question of shipping costs. However, if Manuel, or any other international members, want to pick up the additional costs of shipping the prize outside NA, then they are welcome to participate. However, rule 4 still applies :P and I must insist that the additional funds be transfered quickly using Paypal.


No correct guess yet. Everyone who has guessed once may guess again.

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Basically, the plan was to provide a proper U.S. address in case I win :)


That's cool!


Math Grand Prix?


Already been guessed. Manuel, go ahead and guess again (just once).


Everybody, here is a list of all the guesses so far:



fun with numbers

Basic Programming



Video Chess

math gran prix

Slot Racers

3d tic tac toe


Miniature Golf


Brain Games

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