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Bug in VARPTR used with constant arrays


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I'm sorry I return on the topic but something strange is happening with varptr...


This lines do not work, as intybasic keeps telling that the expression is not constant


    const #max_bit_index = (VARPTR #bitstream_end(0) - VARPTR #bitstream(0)) * 16


but it is very constant as  the arrays are

 DATA     &1001100110011001,&1001100110011001,&1001100110011001,&1001100110011001,&1001100110011001



Moreover, I spotted that randomly, if I use the minuscule varprt, sometimes it does not compile, telling that some brackets is odd


    #max_bit_index = (varprt #bitstream_end(0) - varprt #bitstream(0)) * 16


It is like varprt (in minuscule) sometimes is confused by a variable name....


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For the first problem, I just checked that the compiler does not evaluate VARPTR as a numeric expression.  From "eval_leval7()" It returns:

return new node(C_NAME_R, temp, NULL, NULL);

But the "Const" parser is checking exclusively for "C_NUM" type.  This seems to be a current limitation or an oversight.



For the second problem, it's ... a little more silly.  You've mistyped "VARPTR" in lower-case:  You've put the "R" before the "T", "VARPRT".  If you correct that, it'll work.


I recommend enabling "Option Explicit" to catch these sort of errors.  You'll have to declare all your variables before hand, but in my opinion it is worth it.  With "Option Explicit" the error I get is:

Error: variable 'VARPRT' not defined previously in line 23
Error: missing right parenthesis in line 23

Where the first line makes it obvious that there is a typo.



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On the 1st problem, I've seen CONST limitations, DEF FN can be used as a workaround.

'asm BitStreamX: EQU ((label_BITSTREAM_END - label_BITSTREAM) * 16)
DEF FN BitStream =  ((VARPTR bitstream_end(0) - VARPTR bitstream(0)) * 16)
'PRINT AT 120,<>BitStream 

Too bad IntyBasic can't use asm constants. I'd probably use placeholder IntyBasic constants, then replace them in the final .asm source.

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