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Looking for complex background graphics scene examples


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I plan to write a tutorial on how to use the Color Stack mode of the Intellivision to draw a complex scene.  To that end, I was thinking that I could take an existing background scene in FG/BG mode and try to convert it to Color Stack and illustrate how to do it, step by step.


So I am asking the community for sample background scenes to use in this effort.  I am not a pixel artist, but I'm pretty handy at ripping tiles and such.


If anybody has an image they would like to share for this purpose, please let me know.  My idea is to not only describe how Color Stack mode works, but to show various techniques to overcome some of its limitations.  I think doing so in the context of an actual reference image, rather than in the abstract theory, would be more useful to others.



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2 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:

Tried to make a convertible image based on random searches for the requirements of color stack mode.  But, I know %100 that I did not make a truly educated guess.


nano.bmp 45.05 kB · 5 downloads

Thanks.  I was thinking more of a background scene for a game so that people could relate to it in a tutorial.  I'll keep this one in mind.



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