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Demo of a new upcoming Colecovision game


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Here are some screen captures from a work in progress, Infiltrator

My goal with this game was to make something with smart non-player entities that didn't just bounce about and require more than button-mashing.  I wanted to make something that doesn't seem tile-ish so I made it so characters walk "in front" of trees, boulders, towers, walls, etc. and shots can travel "behind" them.  I chose to make the sprites multi-color which compounded the challenges of flicker avoidance but hopefully you find the resulting character animation was worth the effort.  I'm toying with the idea of making ammo not unlimited and requiring the player to pick up clips dropped by the enemies when they're shot.  

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I love that!!! ...  i started to work on the same kind of project  2 years ago , i put it on hold for now because i have other thing to work on.  But what you did looks very similar to my vision.


However you took a different technical approach than me.  I choose to use the "BITMAP" Mode , this way , my bullet are not sprites but Pixels , so don't need to manage flickering for them and i can put more.



Looking forward to see it available!!



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14 hours ago, NIAD said:

Who will be handling the production and distribution of your games?


I've been approached by a few publishers and since this one is an original, not an unlicensed port, I am inclined to have it distributed.  It's by no means up to professional standards yet, the work so far has mostly been to get the non-player characters moving intelligently and with minimal flicker and getting the code small as possible so I can jam as many rounds in as possible, so the playfield graphics are still quite rough and I haven't spent much effort on sounds.  However, at the moment, I'm playing around with arming enemy soldiers with flame-throwers, to provide some variety.  I'm also thinking of adding body-armor that the player can pick up and maybe having enemies drop ammo but keeping track of ammo and dropped ammo is going to eat up bytes so I don't know.  I think flame-throwers are worth more to the game for the cost of the bytes :c)

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